Crisis Communications Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Myriad is ‘ever-ready’ to assist clients with their crisis communications planning, helping anticipate threats to their reputation and advance planning their crisis communications response to a wide and varied variety of issues and crisis situations.

Our crisis experts have decades of experience working with C-suite executives and boards, HR and legal teams and other invested parties to plan and lead effective crisis communications.



  • Crisis communications audit of your crisis management process to highlight any issues and improve processes.
  • Issue identification.
  • Crisis communication planning.
  • Strategic counsel and on-site crisis management support
  • Strategic Key Message development.
  • Media management - on call 24/7 - including first line of response press office
  • Preparation of reactive and proactive statements for the media, social media, internal and external stakeholders.
  • Monitoring and analysis of incidents and crisis situations across media and social media channels.
  • Preparing senior executives and nominated representatives for media interviews through media training and issue & crisis simulations.
  • Stakeholder research to support rebuilding your business or brand reputation following a crisis or an incident.
  • Media training.
  • Leadership message development, positioning and message rehearsal


We offer a full range of services that will help your business restore and rebuild its reputation following a crisis.

Recovering from a crisis needs to be part of your long-term communications strategy and our team has extensive experience of developing strategies to rebuild your reputation online and offline.