Social Media Services

Social Media

In today’s world marketing has never been more powerful, brought about by the social media medium as a direct to audience channel that enables businesses to reach, share and interact directly with customers.

Interestingly, whilst social media is an incredibly powerful, efficient and effective media medium, it is also remarkably economic tool with which to brand build, create a stella reputation and maintain it as well as engaging with customers and delivering a fast and timely channel to communicate to audiences in times of issues and crisis.

Social media is also a highly effective tool to increase a business’s knowledge of its audiences through online monitoring or ‘listening’. It can enable you to gain valuable customer insights, deepen understanding of audience behaviour online and the content they like, whilst also monitoring the activity of your competition.

However social media is a constantly evolving beast. The rules of engagement evolve by the day - makes it hard for businesses to keep up to date. Myriad offer a full range of social media services to support in-house teams and support your digital marketing efforts and communications strategy.


These include:

  • Channel creating & set-up
  • Content planning
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Community management
  • Social listening
  • Influencer relationships
  • Analytics and measurement
  • Campaign planning and execution