Public Relations

Public Relations

In today’s increasingly complex communications world, PR represents far more than simply ‘media relations’.

PR is the essential function for businesses to articulate to its audiences its brand proposition, company values and services and represents the key to build, enhance and protect a company’s reputation.

An essential and now understood to be an integral part of any business’s strategy, PR’s function is to communicate key messages that influence opinion, change behaviour and help audiences foster a positive mindset about your business.

The Myriad team has decades of experience of working with the many of the world’s biggest companies across a wide and diverse range of industry sectors, all having a fundamental need to communicate.

Communication audiences are wide and varied and include key demographics both within and outside the organisation – from employees and potential employees to customers, suppliers, partners, investors and regulators.

A highly strategic and planned approach to communications is essential to developing better relationships between your business and your audiences that will pay dividends in protecting your brand equity, business proposition and most importantly reputation both online and offline.


In an ever-changing world some things still remain a constant. PR has always been about the business of creating awareness for businesses and establishing trust with their audiences.

What has changed is the fact that the customer journey has become increasingly complex with ever more channels, a bewildering overdose of content and a crowded and rapidly evolving media landscape.

As PR and communications strategists our job is to cut through the clutter whilst at the same time take advantage of the broad range of PR services and channels that can help clients amplify their communications activity and boost audience reach through PESO – Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned.

Myriad is geared to support clients regionally, nationally and internationally, with a particular specialty in the Asia Pacific region where we have decades of experience of helping businesses outreach to their target audiences online, offline and everywhere in between.