Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

A now essential and critical strategic marketing activity, digital marketing is the strategic platform that uses online digital channels, including social media, search engines and websites, to help your target audiences find, learn about, form an opinion and connect with your business.

With our Asia expertise – we are the agency to build your business digitally in complex and highly-differentiated markets such as Greater China. Understanding the nuances of the growing populations of Millennial and Gen Z audiences of the developing and well as the developed world is a particular Myriad expertise.


We deliver and execute across the entire PESO network of PAID, EARNED, SHARED and OWNED media channels. Myriad combines extensive PR expertise with:

  • The latest digital and audio-visual techniques.
  • SEO capabilities.
  • Working with a broad range of digital marketing and digital PR tools.
  • SEO and social media channels, online synergy linking and B2B influencer marketing.