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Creative Content

The essential components of great content creation is very simply – good storytelling. It has an essential role as a powerful business tool and delivers value to businesses when done well.

Content types vary; from compelling words for blogs or white papers, insightful infographics or motivating videos, landing pages for lead generation, and more.

Styles for each type of channel vary tremendously, with the use of longform content, shortform content in social media marketing, and multimedia content to engage audiences – otherwise known as content marketing. Highly compelling content can attract audiences.

Myriad has the expertise and long-standing experience, garnered over many years of practice, in creating useful, relevant and highly-informative materials that your audiences find valuable.

It’s this highly targeted approach to content creation that affects how audiences read, think and importantly, react and respond.


The Myriad team are experts at creating content tailored to deliver maximum impact across every media medium and channel, including digital, print, broadcast and even personal presentations.

Our PR expertise combines the art of crafting engaging content with the know-how behind what makes shareable content has an impact – from audience research and data analysis to creativity and measurement.

As specialist content creators – writing services including copywriters and content writers, publishers, SEO specialists, videographers, photographers and designers – who will work with you to unlock interesting stories about your business, set in place a relevant content strategy that is synergistic to and brings out the best in your brand and company values.

With many years’ experience of working with an eclectic range of clients across a wide spectrum of industry sectors, we do this by understanding your audience personas and how they engage with your business, industry sector and services. Then, we establish a tone of voice, keywords and phrases to maximise SEO before creating a content plan.


Our content development capabilities include:

  • White Papers
  • Industry Reports
  • ESG Reports
  • Thought Leadership Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Corporate Blog Posts
  • Opinion Pieces

We are also creative with multimedia content which can be standalone or used to support written content is visually engaging content that makes a great idea work even harder. Our Myriad team brings ideas to life visually and can deliver creative designs, graphics, videos, and compelling imagery to support the content creation needs of your business.