Social Crisis

Crisis - Social Media

There is no denying that any crisis communications now happens in seconds, not minutes, not hours.

A good social media crisis communication plan is essential to crucial to prepare for, react to and manage reputational risk for your brand and business.

Social media works in real time. It plays out in front of a world audience who scrutinise every reaction a company makes and is shaped by how followers and subscribers reframe, share and reshare content – often adding their own take on their perceptions of an incident or issue. Add to the mix heated national political sentiment in countries such as China and social media becomes the most dangerous and difficult environment to manage any corporate reputation.

Myriad has extensive experience helping international brands prepare for the inevitable crisis, from establishing an escalation process and chain of command that works across PR, marketing, HR and legal departments to implementing executional communications support.


Myriad’s social media crisis communication and management services include:

  • Strategic counsel and on-site crisis management support
  • Message and tone of voice
  • Social listening across social media channels to track industry keywords, hashtags and industry influencers.
  • Regular and timely engagement to deal swiftly with complaints and prevent issues from escalating.
  • First response support and in-the-moment engagement on social channels.
  • Monitoring and analysis.
  • Reputation threat assessments.
  • Team crisis training and simulations.
  • Stakeholder research.